The Bella Ribbons Project exhibition may include single-channel video, video installations/sculptures, a collection of drawings, medium and large-scale photography mounted on aluminum, interactive installation, performance art, and ephemera. This exhibition can be scaled to include up to three galleries — one light-tight for ongoing, large-scale film screening and two for installation, two-dimensional work, and glass cases with sketchbooks, props, and maquettes. It can also be exhibited as a small, curated group of objects and art coupled with a singular auditorium screening. A lecture and educational component may accompany the exhibition.

Lecture : Time and the Creative Process

Sarah Stolar presents slides and video that demonstrate the outcomes of investigative creative process when it spans over the course of more than a decade. Interdisciplinary works, including drawings and sketchbooks that date back to the late 1990’s, help inform the creative decisions made in the development of The Bella Ribbons Project. Flow, stream of consciousness, and expressiveness are discussed in relationship to intention and direct decision making in art making, as well as insight into how large projects evolve from diverse media, influences, collaborations, and visual and conceptual research. 

Educational Component : The Shadow City

The content of the workshop stems from Myers and Stolar's collective research into the subconscious in relation to physical spaces -  the creation of a shadowy underworld. It also functions as direct insight into a multidisciplinary approach to the creative process. Participants work collaboratively using light, shadow, and video as a medium for sculpture. The outcome is a shadow city with light and looping videos representing the exhibiting city. Participants will engage in learning the elements and principles of art — form, value, space, contrast — and consider the conceptual qualities of light — light as a source of privilege, the absence of light, societies reliance upon light and light as a source of energy.

To download a full workshop description, click here.

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